This publication follows the lives of 10 young people, born in the post-Soviet era of 1990-1999 in the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Interviews were collected 2016-2018 by Ieva Blazeviciute.

Photographed, designed, published by Ieva Blazeviciute.
Limited edition of 100 copies (numbered and signed)
B5 (176mm x 250mm)
Soft cover, 112 pages.
Printed in Lithuania.

A note about the publication:
I was born in 1991 in Lithuania, but I’ve been living abroad for the past 12 years.
Out of all the labels that I’ve been given during this time, the post-Soviet one bothered me the most. Nobody knew what it meant, yet at some point it was all over the internet. It made my previously completely ignored region into some exotic aesthetic, worthy of dozens of Instagram pages dedicated to pictures that are more often from the Soviet, rather than the post-Soviet times.

My own experiences didn't always match that aesthetic. In my world there were always other stories, other angles and nuances.
With the post-Soviet label suddenly becoming trendy and cool, I struggled to be proud of it.

These interviews are an attempt to show what post-Soviet might mean to the post-Soviet kids. Trying to understand them, I learnt a lot about myself too. I hope the publication can shed some light on this time period for you too.

- Ieva

All the money collected for the book sales will go towards medical aid for Ukraine via Biblioteka Kyiv